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Anne R. Murray’s new book released

Novel reveals profound life message as it explores ‘Wounded Heart in Flight’

MARIETTA, Ga. – From the artistic treasury of the same author who brought to literature unforgettable titles as “The Jagged Edge,” “As the Sweet Honey Runs” and “As The Scarlet Tanager Sings” comes yet another work of timeless brilliance. “Wounded Heart in Flight” is Anne R. Murray’s newly-released novel that goes in-depth into what forgiveness can do to a deluded heart.

A story of suspense, romance and tragedy unfolds within “Wounded Heart in Flight” (published by AuthorHouse). Following the tale of protagonist Julia Hawkins, it depicts a young woman’s plight into a life of misfortune and woeful circumstances. The narrative reveals Julia’s innermost fears, her unceasing battle with depression and her relentless sojourn towards healing. The setting takes place in a Midwestern town of Tahlequah, Oklahoma, outside the Ozark Mountains in modern times where Julia retraces her Cherokee roots to find truths central to her relationships – with others and with herself.

A poignantly woven tale that delves into the paradoxical notion of letting go (forgiveness) in order to gain (freedom), “Wounded Heart in Flight” offers a profound exemplification of a life well-examined; another testament to Murray’s remarkable wit and literary flair in painting the truth with words.

An excerpt from a featured poem in the book entitled “My Universe:”
Your loyalty is endless,
Your dedication is flawless,
Your enduring love is genuine,
And your sweetness is relentless.
In complete adoration,
I would give my life for you,
For you are my universe.

“Wounded Heart in Flight”
By Anne R. Murray
Hardcover | 6x9in | 210 pages | ISBN 9781504956680
Softcover | 6x9in | 210 pages | ISBN 9781504956697
E-Book | 210 pages | ISBN 9781504956673
Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble

About the Author
Anne R. Murray is a native of Marietta, just northwest of Atlanta. The third of four daughters, her family had traditional Christian values and beliefs. A retired schoolteacher, Murray enjoys writing, researching and motivating others. She also enjoys being with family and friends. Murray obtained her doctorate in education while teaching high school students full-time. Her primary goal is to inspire others.