Last Tuesday, I went to my neurologist for autoimmune condition. It was a good visit and I had a good doctor’s report. His assistant physician said I looked stronger and my treatments have been working fairly well. I also got my infusions changed back to the cancer clinic next month. I believe they are safer there and I feel more secure near the hospital. On Wednesday morning, I woke up feeling sick. I have been in bed all week with nausea and fever. I must have caught something while at the doctor’s office. Poo.

I am finally feeling better on the fifth day. My temperature finally returned to normal last night. Yeah! My appetite is still not very good. Most I want to eat is toast or crackers. I do take liquids thought. Coca-cola on crushed ice or iced water is good for the stomach and fever. I’ve been using ice packs on the forehead to reduce fever.

Anyway, I got some postings today, reminding me it has been a while since I last posted on blog. A special thanks to Melinda. Thank you for those that still follow my blog. I’m still here – just haven’t been 100% during this time.

Still waiting on publishers to finish editing my latest manuscript. Yes, they are slow as turtles! I admit I’m not very patient. Working on newest manuscript for poetry book. At this rate, I’m hoping by Christmas time. I would be lucky if before then.

Other than that, hanging in there! I would love to hear from other bloggers. It has been rainy here lately but sunny today. Maybe that means a brighter day!