I’ve always thought I was an upbeat and positive person, even in more challenging times. I have to admit that yesterday sort of sealed the deal for me. I was embarrassed by the lack of response to a book sale I had out of town. I went to my uncle’s hometown about an hour away. He is also a writer and author. I enjoyed the beautiful day, conversing with my uncle and getting new ideas. Those were the good things that happened yesterday.

I’ve noticed that people are too lazy to go into a bookstore to buy a book. With the modern technology of Internet, digital apps., Kindle and e-books, most people rely on online services for buying books. I’ve also noticed people do not even look at books nowadays. Therefore, their interest in reading becomes less and less.Β  Again, with the presence of Internet, we have become lazy in the brain and rely way too much on modern technology to entertain us. I come from the old school of written books and application to learn from. It’s a pet pea of mine. What’s wrong with using your brain?

I can only maintain that I was disappointed yesterday. It made me do some real soul-searching deep within my heart. I love writing and will continue to do so but with new marketing strategies. I’m learning that familiarity is the key to selling. People buy from what is most familiar to them, not from strangers. It seems obvious to sell books closer to home. People know you better and are more likely to be interested in buying. BTW, my latest novel on the market received a 5-Stars Rating internationally, yet, Americans seem to pass it by.

I paid for professional editing on my newest book in production right now. But even a well-edited book won’t guarantee an overall increase in sells, even 1%. I admit I’m stumped. If I didn’t enjoy writing, I wouldn’t have done it in the first place. Even the publisher consultant tells me how creative in writing I am. It is not the talent of writing, rather who you know that sells. Sad but true.