It’s a cloudy Saturday with an overcast. I’m sitting here, typing on the computer. The computer glitch is fixed. Jeremy at WP emailed me back yesterday and told me what to do. Apparently, my emails (blogs I subscribe to) were blocked from postings. It must have been recently and done in error. Anyway, all is right now and my numbers are back up again. Still not as high as expected.

My manuscript is delayed (3 – 4 weeks) due to editorial assessment. I’m having a second set of eyes look at it line by line. Although not a great volume of pages, I want a well-edited book. Right now, I feel like going into hiding – really! After my next book, the collection of poetry, this may be my last book to publish. I’m not discouraged from writing. The whole damn process and steps to publishing gives me a headache. Writing a dissertation 12 to 13 years ago was a little bit easier!

I will slowly “lick my wounds” and drink a cup of coffee. That always relaxes me. Hope everyone has a good weekend and hope to hear from you soon. Anne