Today is Friday again. It seems like the summertime has flown by so fast here. While I work on yet another book for publishing, I keep thinking I need to slow down some. The work has tired me out this summer. That and other things, infusions, physical therapy and various activities. My health seems to go up and down lately, reminding me to stop everything and simply rest.

My numbers in stats have declined considerably in the past week. I realize that I haven’t heard from Harsh Reality. His blog usually brings in the followers and networking traffic. While I don’t always agree with his opinion, I do follow his blog. He seems to attract the general audience. He uses truth (sometimes bluntly) and it does wake me up to another viewpoint. I think that is refreshing as I don’t expect all bloggers to be 100% in agreement all the time.

Other than that, all is all right in the world. Still working on power seat. It doesn’t seem that insurance will provide based on my latest physical therapy evaluation. However, I am working on getting a good, used one now. Time will tell soon, hopefully.

Wishing all bloggers and readers a good weekend. Stay in touch and I look forward to hearing from you. Anne