Hey guys, I usually have bunches of posts (like hundreds) in my email on Mondays. Today, I had less than 30 posts in total. Did something happen that I’m unaware of? Or is it just a lazy Monday?

BTW, I had an allergic reaction to infusions given last Wednesday and Thursday. I woke up on Saturday morning swollen, particularly in my face and eyes, with a fever and a bad headache. Not sure why a fever, unless I didn’t take enough Tylenol before infusions. Fevers are common reactions to the treatments. I also was nauseated/vomiting Saturday night and my b/p was high.

Anyway, I took some Benadryl and it seems to be much better today. I took a prescription for the nausea and the b/p and all is back to normal now. I would like to take a break from infusions and switch to steroids (daily oral medication) for awhile. I will find out more when I see my doctor again in September.

Hope that everyone is doing well at this time and had a good weekend. I want to hear from you bloggers. Please give me a hoot over the Internet or post me something.Β  Anne