It has been a while since I have posted – I did last week but actually have posted only twice in July. I just finished reviewing my manuscript on my newest book, Wounded Heart In Flight. It is ready to go to publishers next week. Now, I am only waiting on an artist to finish a sketch for the interior of the book. She emailed me today and said she would have it for me in two days.

I will be working next on my book of poetry, Gentle Rain of Thoughts. I hope to have it ready to publish this coming fall season. Much work to be done on it combining poems and categorizing. That is what manuscripts are – a lot of work and effort but at the end, sweet success!

Tonight, I’m settling back and relaxing a little. I feel relieved but excited at the same time. I watched the GOP Presidential Debate last night. I can’t decide who the winner is. I thought I had an idea until last night. I don’t know what to make of Donald Trump. I thought I knew the man but he surprised me.

August has already been a busy but unusually good month. My physical therapy has turned out to be very beneficial. I feel stronger and better with each passing day. The movement and stretching exercises are really helpful. I feel I can almost make it on one cane inside now with a little more help from physical therapy. A couple of months ago, I was weakening and losing strength. I thought I was worsening a little. Poo.

Last week, a company demonstrated a motorized power seat to me. Once insurance clears, it should be a few weeks until they deliver one to my door. I think it will allow more independence in getting out and about, especially to parks or various activities outside. I’m looking forward to getting it anyway. Makes a difference with increased mobility issues due to autoimmune.

Other than that, I’m just filling the page. Please drop me a line or two to say hello. I will update when I know more about the newest book. I signed a written contract today with the publishers so hopefully they will start full production on it very soon.

Have a great weekend, everyone. I will try to be more prompt on blogging from now on.