Sorry, I was at the doctor’s office yesterday and didn’t get an opportunity to post. This is my third day of 3-Day Quote Challenge by V-Pub and Ericka. I want to thank both of them. If you get a chance, please visit their blogs for some fabulous stories and writings. This was fun and I enjoyed this. To add to the theme of love, I wanted to end on a good note. Love has many facets. Love is the way a new mother looks at her newborn baby, the way a pet meets his pal, the way a stranger helping another in distress. The list goes on and on. What better to express love as seen every day.

Love is unconditional, a flowing process, one that can not be marred or flawed. @Copyright annepm2015 (https://annermurray.wordpress.com)

Love is

The rules are simple – one quote a day for three days. They can be your quotes, or quotes from other people. Post one a day for three days, and nominate three bloggers per post. Also, thank the person that nominated you. It’s simple and fun!

My nominees are:

John (https://bsakel.wordpress.com/)

Heidi (https://heidijoneschronicillness.wordpress.com/)

Katy (https://walkerkaty0.wordpress.com/)

These bloggers are excellent writers and follow my blog. I want to give an opportunity for them to meet fellow bloggers. Please do not feel obligated to participate but it is a wonderful chance to show your writing skills and make them shine!