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Am I dreaming,

An enchanting dream?

Endearing and strong,Making Love To You (1)

I fear waking from.

Full of wonder and lust.

My love, my lover,

Is this heaven or just

A precious dream? You always put a smile On my face, As I lay next to you. So warm and tender, I feel you inside me, My love* grows deeper. Your touch feels heavenly, As we go beyond ecstasy. My love for you, Is a fiery passion, Alive and intense, A strong recognition, Of two hearts uniting. We look into each others’ eyes, Full of teary sleep, I kiss your sweet lips, As I feel you beside me. I’m in awe, Making love to you, Your beautiful face and body, And wondrous soul, There is no other, That comforts me, Quite like you, Do not wake me, From this beautiful dream. *What Is Love? – published on March 7, 2015