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For those who do not know already, I was in the local hospital last night for four hours in the E.R. due to a fall. I was taken by ambulance from the Cancer Center (after treatments) to the hospital. Waiting for the doctor and results are so slow and they don’t rush – one thing I’ve learned in hospitals. The ride in the ambulance was depressing too.

While waiting on a CAT-Scan and X-rays, I had several thoughts. I came up with this poem. Sort of, anyway. You can say the “dark” side of me came out. The worst news would be if there were breaks, fractures or a concussion, which ended up not being the case. Thank God! Just very sore from the fall (long story) and a headache. I posted on my FB and Caringbridge sites also last night. I entitled the poem, “Death Angel,” as it seemed appropriate how I was feeling last night.

I feel the death angel,

Rounding the corner,

Creeping slowly toward me,

Coming closer as I take,

Another breath,

There is no fear,

No mortal warranty,

No tears are shed,

But an awesome release,

From this old cruel world.

Oh, how beautiful she is,

Soul and body,

And with her last breath,

Immortality forever,

For now her soul is free,

To roam the majestic heavens,

Up above,

And from there she sees,

Truth and beauty,

As it should be.

Life has come to a mortal end,

At peace and comfort,

No pain or disease,

But a treasured wonder.

The death angel has lingered,

And touched me,

In the heart,

My soul obeyed,

From all loved ones,

I shall depart.