Immortality – everyone is looking for it in today’s society. Truthfully, we are all seeking the “fountain of youth” out there. young-woman-portrait-night-club-sexy-49232457The media is always advertising a younger and slimmer you, one with pluckier lips, silicone and saline implants, cosmetic lifts with cosmetic enhancements and plastic surgery, and face lifts that are so tight that they could break a smile. Yet, I come away thinking, is all this really important in the end. Are we trying to look young or we trying to be young again?

I look at my elderly parents. In their mid- to upper-80’s now, they are still active as a 40-year old. Their bodies have declined over the years with health issues, decreased energy and stamina. However, they have the mentality to get out and live life. My mother always voiced that she needed to stay active as nobody else would do the work otherwise. My father is still insisted to get out and cut the lawns as a younger man. Neither one of my parents let physical limitations stop them.

What we seek is to be good to our bodies and to be healthy. Immortality is no secret formula. It isn’t a magical pill or an ingredient. It is the way we lead our lives. If we lead a healthier lifestyle with plenty of exercise and nutrition, we increase the likelihood that we live longer. There is no brain scientist invention. It is simple facts. Good sleeping habits, rest in moderation and healthy foods balance out. It is what our bodies require.

The most successful ingredient to living longer is being good to your ‘self.’ Being happy, doing things that make you happy and enjoying life. Acquire hobbies that you enjoy. Something new that requires a new learning experience is the best advice given by the experts. Believe me, I am no expert in immortality. It has taken me a period of years all my life to learn new things, new adventures and new challenges.

Things that have helped me are to put trust in God in Jesus Christ. Restore happiness in your life. Let go of painful things in your life and more importantly, your past. Forgive yourself of wrong doings and others that wronged you. Make today and everyday a new day in God’s glory. Tell yourself “I am restoring health, happiness and youth” to my life each day. I think that would work better and much less expensive than a face lift!