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Divorce With Me nominated me for the Five Photos/Five Stories Challenge. Wrapping up these five days has been wonderful. I have had fun and had a blast! I hope you got to visit my blog and sneak a peak in my world.

My last photo/story is about my future writing. Dabbling in poetry a little bit, I’m planning to get a book of poems together to have published in the future, entitled “Gentle Rain of Thoughts.” I have written over 30 poems and will continue.

Most people have significant losses in life. I have had my share of them but I am stronger for it, which reflects in my writing. My writing reflects not only my strength, but my pain inside. Healing, growth and closure are a result of my works.

Again, working on my latest book, Wounded Heart In Flight. Some of my poems are featured in my book. I hope to have that published in the near future. Inspiration will lead to write future books and publications.

A poem I wrote, which will be included in my new book, tells it all. I entitled it “Soaring.

Rest Awhile

Rest Awhile

I’m soaring in the sky, With spread wings in awe, My spirit is free, To roam this earth, My soul is released, As dust in the wind, I am free, Lord, I am free.

With God’s grace, And holy devotion, I no longer hold, This pain within, My soul touches the sky, And the heavens beyond, I am free, Lord, I am free.

I give many thanks, As I worship you, I am your humble servant, For all eternity, For you have blessed me, And made me whole, I am free, Lord, I am free.

I want to nominate Creaking Bones (http://creakingbones.com/) for the Five Photos/Five Stories Challenge. Take a moment to visit his blog as he writes about his world in Australia on a beautiful Harley. Please attach a photo to a story for five consecutive days. You can write about fiction or nonfiction: a short story, paragraph or poem. Please sure to nominate a blogger each day. You are under no obligation to accept but I hope you do.