My life is filled with writing each day. If not blogging, I am working on my manuscript for my new book. I’m hoping to have it published this summer. I’m basically finished writing the chapters. Just need to insert the Author Bio, Introduction and Acknowledgments. I’ve commissioned an artist to draw the front cover of the book.

My new book, Wounded Heart In Flight, is a fictional novel about a young woman of Native American heritage. Her grandmother is full Cherokee. My ancestry is part Cherokee, being 1/16 Cherokee on my father’s side. I look far from being Native American but it is my ancestry.

Poetry has become a new addition to my hobbies. I’ve written over 30 poems now and continuing. Some of the poetry I have posted on my blog and a few will be included in my new book.

People ask me why I write all the time. I write to reflect the physical and emotional pain I feel. I write to leave my legacy in this world. I write to get my messages across to others. I write to inspire people. I write because I get enjoyment in writing. One of my three sisters told me that I spend money on books that don’t sell very well. Ouch! What she doesn’t understand is that healing and closure come through writing. If one person is inspired, that is significant to me.

This was one of the latest photos taken this year in the library. I love books – any kind, fictional or nonfictional. My books reflect my passion but more my style of writing; free-spirited and love of life.Picture 145I nominate alina (http://alinastamboala.com/) for the 5 Photos/5 Stories Challenge for her amazing stories. It can be anything fictional or nonfictional: a short story, paragraph or poem. Just need to nominate one blog per story. Please do not feel obligated to accept the invitation but I hope you do.