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I have been nominated by Divorce With Me for a 5 Photos/5 Stories Challenge. Many thanks for her kindness and sweetness. I accept this nomination and will try to make the stories interesting.

This was my boyfriend several years ago. Handsome devil, isn’t he? We still communicate but he is now living in the U.K., traveling all over the world. It is a long story but started about five summers ago when I started to become ill with breast cancer. Then the rest was downhill from there. I developed autoimmune several months after that and hospitalizeAnne and Leed.

He moved back to his native home in Colorado to be closer to his brother, who is now deceased. While we were together and I was healthier, we traveled to different parts of the country, mainly to Colorado. I miss those times. I have been to Europe several times with my ex-husband and once with my boyfriend, as well as one time with my oldest sister. Some of my poetry is related towards the feelings I put into the relationship for over 13 years. My poetry expresses the strong passion I had for him, feelings and love. It was intense, yet magical. It broke my heart when he left nearly five years ago. I thought it was when I needed him most. The relationship wasn’t the same but through it, I grew stronger and I healed eventually. Time is the best healer of all, especially for broken hearts.

This poem, I entitled 7th Heaven, will be included in my next book, Wounded Heart In Flight.

Our passion is real, It delivers us, To a beautiful place, Above the stars, To a galaxy beyond, Our bodies touch, Solely as one, As we gently embrace, Intertwined and interlaced, Intimately enlaced.

How brilliant the sky, With the glowing moon, As it lights up, The heavens above, Its mystical power delivers me into complete ecstasy, From a familiar touch.

Your vaporizing sensation, Sending me chills all over, I come away, Feeling so virtually satisfied, In every way.

I fall into your arms, Sweet and gentle, Caressing your body, And handsome face, It doesn’t matter, That we are distances apart, I still remain intense, Excited within, To a grateful heart.

Our love is real, Far exceeding the human need, You make me tingle When you are close, All over my body, Through and through, From the bottom of my toes, To the top of my head, To a place beyond all, I call 7th Heaven.

I nominate Skipah’s Realm (http://skipahsrealm.com/) for the 5 Photos/5 Stories Challenge. It can be about anything fictional or nonfictional: a short story, paragraph or poem. Just need to nominate one blog for each story. Please do not feel obligated to accept challenge.