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Forgive me for not posting this yestePicture 135rday. I was having technical trouble with my monitor. Here’s to all the mothers in the world. I entitled it, “A Mother’s Love.”

To my mother,

The most beautiful woman,

In the world,

You gave me life,

And nurtured me at birth,

Through the growing years,

And for that,

I am eternally grateful. The love you give,

Unselfish in every way,

Boundless and forgiving,

The words you speak to me,

Encouraging and praising,

Promoting and supporting,

Gives me the endless desire,

In making challenges each day.

You give me strength,

Integrity and stamina,

Your wisdom is pronounced,

For you always know,

What exactly to say,

Your sweetness and kindness,

Humbles me in every way.

You give me courage,

To face each day,

The will to live,

To continue on everyday,

For this and only this,

I have become a fighter,

Fearless and strong,

To what fate bestows me.

If it wasn’t for Your motherly love,

I would be lost,

A piece of dust,

Among the rest,

But I have you to thank,

And I am proud to say,

You are the mother that I love.