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I can’t tell you exactly,
All you have done for me.
You have been instrumental,
From the very beginning,
It doesn’t go unnoticed,
Even when we are apart.

From this day forth,
I can’t say enough,
With dire appreciation,
How much you have
affected my world, and
those around me.

In admiration,
I’m proud of all
your achievements,
Setting lifetime goals,
Making a purpose,
To life itself.

In an imperfect world as this,
There is a true existence,
Of near perfection,
It is us, our souls,
Together eternally,
Our undying love,
Our commitment,
To each other.

I love your high energy,
Your stamina and
Your high ambitions,
Your many accomplishments,
With all you love to do,
Your gifts and talents.

I love your knowledge
Your quick wit,
Your understanding,
When I need a listening ear,
And your words of wisdom.

I love your strength,
Your independence,
Your willingness,
Even your thoughts,
And opinions.
You have a magical sense,
In everything you do.

You have a way of
making this old world a
better place to live in,
With your integrity, honesty,
Strong character, and
charming personality.

Your loyalty is endless,
Your dedication is flawless,
Your enduring love is genuine, and
your sweetness is relentless.
In complete adoration,
I would give my life for you,
For you are my universe.