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You have a magic touch, That comes alive when I’m near you. I long to be with you, To touch your handsome face, your body, To kiss your lips, To caress you tightly, and to feel you beside me. Your spirit is within me, It grows stronger with time. There is not a day that passes by, That I don’t think of you, For you are always on my mind, and in my heart. It is piercing, Like a jagged knife, It plunges deep into my heart. It’s like cupid’s arrow, Shot through my heart, Magically, it runs deep and sharp, Your spark remains to keep, Me alive inside. I love the affection, You give me, Your passionate nature, Your sexuality, your intimacy, You are a perfect lover, As you give your love, Openly to me. I love your passion for life, Happy, peaceful and content. A true expression, Of what we have become, Solemn in life, A world with little conflict, Full of wonder and surprise. More importantly, You are my best friend, My mate, my partner, There is nothing you can’t do, To make this a better place for us, A world of giving and love, For that I’m eternally grateful.