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I had another book signing today. I admit I was a bit discouraged. Three weeks ago I did a book signing in the same bookstore but it went a little better. Surprised this weekend as it was beautiful weather, sunny and warm outside. Also a week before Mother’s day, I thought people would be out shopping. Not sure why the lack of shoppers but I fear lack of interest in new books. It makes me think that we are becoming a world of nonreaders. Our environment of modern technology magnifies Internet, mobile apps and ebooks. I can only imagine what will happen with the future generation. History books will lose their historical value on the shelves. It is estimated that 75% of viewers do use Internet and computer-based technology online for ordering books now. I feel that society is getting dumber and we will become “lazy” as a whole if we don’t use our brains. God gave them to us. They do have to be utilized, just as our bodies have to be exercised. Maybe it just wasn’t the right day but I can’t help but feel somewhat defeated right now. Aren’t there any readers out there interested in reading a good book anymore?