Lately, there have been a lot of posts on cyber bullying. It has become a controversial subject. One can only assume that everyone knows what cyber bullying is. The word “cyber” means computer; taken further it means “very modern.” “Bullying” means the manipulation of others through intimidation of smaller or weaker people. I can only imagine that this does exist among Internet users today. We come across bloggers concerned about stats and getting numerical reads among viewers. Can we acquaint this with manipulating others to get what we want? There will always be a ‘smartass’ out there manipulating the system wherever you go. Some people like to ‘shovel it’ out but can not take it themselves. There is a noticeable amount of raising blog counts by posting subjects that get a ‘raise’ out of people. Can this be defined as cyber bullying? People do not usually follow posts that are not interesting to them; therefore it is the “thrill” or “amusement” of the person posting that promotes followers. Are we becoming an innovated society where manipulation on the Internet is the common rule? Are we so integrated to computerized technology these days that we have no other recourse? The same rule applies to blogging. Are we blogging to enjoy ourselves or are we trying to achieve notoriety among ourselves, significance or self-importance? Perhaps we may have to “rethink” the reason behind why we are blogging. Not all people should be blogging. Blogging seems to have become a craze these days that replaces email and other social media. This has become especially true in the last decade. It is the trend of the modern world. Most bloggers post what they are feeling with reflections, photography, poetry or writings of all sorts. That is, it’s the attitude of the author himself or herself that reflects the postings. I do admit many of the writings are quite good. On the brighter side, I perceive I will get some hate mail after this posting, however, it needs to be said. Honesty is the best policy I believe. I’m a strong person – I can take it or I am ‘full of it’ myself.