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Woman with exclamation marksYou are driving down the road. You come to a fork in the road. Your whereabouts are unknown and looking down at the stupid Interstate map, you realize you are totally lost. Your GPS is broken and you are frantic. The last gas station was several miles back down the highway. Glimpsing at your watch, you realize you are already 5 minutes late for an appointment with a new business client. Losing this client could lose thousands for your company. Gripping your hands tight on the steering wheel, you mumble and swear, blaming yourself or whoever for being lost. You could have been smarter in writing clearer directions down or stopping at the last gas station to ask someone for directions. Now the question is staring you in the face. Do you take the right or left road? The right looks safer to travel while the left looks different. Life itself is an unpredictable highway, full of bumps, curves, holes, swirls, turns and many forks, which we encounter often. Most of us have experiences with crossroads in life. Do we take the left or right path? The right path is safe and obvious for us. It is what we know and most familiar with. The left path is more unpredictable and least familiar to us. It is a different path we seek. Do we always take what is easy and safe or do we seek a different direction? Sometimes taking a ‘different’ path leads us to something greater. It is a defying moment when we decide to make a decision which differs from what our traditional values and beliefs. We are making a decision based on logic, growth, maturity and the inner depths within us. Only we know our innermost thoughts. We seek divine intervention, spiritual wisdom and guidance. At other times, we are magnified in our own feelings and emotions. When we do reach the crossroads, it is important to take time to reflect on personal experiences. Each experience in life determines our decision as we encounter the crossroads. When met with this dilemma, it is past choices that help us cultivate new decisions. It is more than decision-making skills, it is relying on past experiences and knowledge to strengthen our ability to make good choices in life. Each person is unique in his or her own way; individual and personal. We hold the ability (with the help of a higher power) to determine which direction we travel in. We can then formulate the decisions to make wiser and clearer choices for ourselves. Through personal reflection, we can make better future choices for our own directions in life. Ultimately, it is our decision how we choose our own destiny.