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I have noticed how much people whine and complain about not getting stats lately. I won’t say anymore on this subject as you know who you are. If you did your homework well, you would know that stats go up and down at certain times. It’s a natural flow in our daily livBlonde disgusted Womanes. Networking is a process of connecting to others and promoting your blog. It lets others know you are out there. Truth is, I am guilty of this insane habit too. I go through my email everyday, networking to create responses and overflow to people in the blogging world. Sometimes, I have so much clutter in my email that I quickly glance at the posts, deleting unnecessary ones or uninterested (boring) ones. I go through my reader, clicking the blogs that get the most followers to follow. You can’t tell me that many of you haven’t been there either. It’s human nature. In the three months I’ve been blogging, I found it essential to keep up with bloggers everyday. I sit by my computer hours each day, frantically looking for social media and channels to promote my books. Not just promotion, but to connect to others also. It’s been amazing as I’ve met some incredible people all over the world. Plus, my busiest time was last week with the help of Harsh Reality Challenge (thanks Jason and Shawn for reblogging) and Meet and Greet (thanks Janice). Staying in touch with others, even with a like or hello, is interacting, much more with a follow. What happened to just having fun with it and enjoying yourself? My goal is to find at least 10 blogs or more a day to follow. I won’t set this in concrete but have had success with following blogs and getting followers, especially this past month. Are we such a social media frenzy ‘society’ that we have to have great stats these days? Rather, has blogging become a chore to get the most viewers and not great content?  In the past decade, social media has become an overkill universally known to profit among readers. With the majority of the average viewers, we are in awe as we digest all the social media crap piling up inside our heads; the garbage that collects unless we unload our mental hard drives.