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This article related to last week’s posting of It’s A Pain In The —-!. Before you answer the question, consider there maybe a difference of opinion Mad Womanamong people. The trend of an open mind through society’s pressures can only be replaced with ‘caution’ for one’s own protection. Personal experience, maybe? In our culture today, it may be more doable to use discrimination. You can’t be too careful these days with all the scams and misleading advertisements in the social media. Recently, I came across an article in the local newspaper relating to natural, homeopathic foods, which have proclaimed “healing” factors for both physical and medical ailments. The article discussed further the controversy that a person can be overly open-minded. I found it fascinating that this young woman sought a natural approach to medicine, finding traditional methods noneffective. She had reoccurring migraines for ten years and was seeking an “alternative” treatment. She went on to say that she is only talking about her particular experience with this practitioner and have sought counseling with other naturopaths over the years. She heard this practitioner on the AM radio health show and that she was a renowned expert in the field of treating hormonal migraines in women (according to her website). Since the young woman lived in another part of the county, she spoke to the practitioner over the phone. This was $100 and only the initial phase. After an interview, she sent her a 16-page questionnaire that asked her for everything except what’s in the toilet. The practitioner transformed her vegetarian diet with meat twice a day, and avoiding wheat, sugar, and refined carbs. She also purchased expensive tablets, which she took twice daily. The surge of protein should cure the headaches right away. The word ‘should’ is nonexistent and after 5 weeks, the migraines worsened. Then came a second phone conversation. The practitioner had lost the 16-page questionnaire and asked her to fax it to her. She couldn’t recall the nature of her complaint but said they would go to Phase 2. The practitioner said she needed to begin doing organic coffee enemas. She would send her follow-up instructions through email and a list of supplies, such as tubing, stamps, etc. The young woman wrote down what the practitioner advised her over the phone. “You need to give a substantial fecal sample, best done during a full moon. That’s when parasites become more active and detectable.” The young woman replied, “Let’s see, you want me to shoot Folgers up my ass and deposit a ‘Baby Ruth’ in a bag during a full moon so the creepy crawlers can come out to play?!” The practitioner said, “Have I lost you here?” The young woman replied, “You lost me when you lost my 16-page questionnaire.” She ended the phone conversation and in her mind, officially closed the matter. Afterwards, she went for her annual physical exam the next week. Her traditional medical doctor tested her blood cholesterol and reported it was considerably high. She felt it was the amount of protein from the animal meat and tablets she consumed. She showed the tablets she had purchased to her doctor. He said the tablets are given to those in third-world countries to prevent starvation. They are made of desiccated animal organs. After several months, she went back to her doctor to retest her cholesterol. It was down to normal again. Bare in mind, keeping an open mind is essential and beneficial in this modern era, however, we need to be more selective. Having an excessively open mind collects too much garbage, especially in this age of informative and communicative overload.