I loathe repetitiveness. Truth is, I have trouble coming up with topics that haven’t been discussed hundreds of times or beaten to death. On Monday, I published a poll concerning whether or not Marijuana pens should be legalized for medical purposes in all states. I did not get the response of viewers I thought originally would take a glance or spark an interest in it. I admit I was wrong and totally trashed the poll. There too, it is such a controversial topic, one that I’ve seen since I was a teenager in the 70’s. So the other day, I came across a blog that included a survey of what attracted people to her blog. I thought about doing something similar. Now, if you ask me about traveling to the moon, climbing Mt. Everest, walking a tightrope, bungi jumping or parachuting out of an airplane, that’s out of my league. But there are other things I endear to. Simply put, what do you, the reader, want to see and read about? The survey takes less than a minute. Four questions is all. Thank you for participating. Please just click the link below: http://annepm2015.polldaddy.com/s/interests-1