Okay guys the challenge is to write a post What Is Love in 10 sentences with only four words per line (40 words total). Afterwards, give your favorite love quote. Then nominate 10-12 bloggers to spread love on WordPress. Mine are listed below: https://shreyarvj.wordpress.com/ http://www.inspiringmax.com/ https://ivpoetry.wordpress.com/ https://thestrangeher.wordprss.com/ https://extractsfromapersonaldiary.wordpress.com/ https://knowleselle.wordpress.com/ https://consistentrelent.wordpress.com/ https://lukehood83.wordpress.com/ https://valiantwarrior.wordpress.com/ https://iwedossi.wordpress.com/ Get your writing caps on and start writing. Lets see those beautiful poems. Ready for the writing (poetry) challenge?