I haven’t written a reflection in three weeks. I sound like a broken record but my computer has been in the shop the past two weeks. Important to keep your files on backup I admit. Today I write about the strenuous effort of taxes. Rather, I hate doing them. The last few years, I have come under a different category. moder-dog-sunglasses-funny-modern-wearing-sitting-bench-47133311Now retired and labeled “disabled” due to a chronic illness, I’ve spent the past couple of years amending. Yes, it is easier to do them myself but that is the problem. I admit defeat at this point. It all started a couple of years ago when I got my first notice for tax year 2011. I went to a tax accountant. He worked with me as he knew disability laws. I ended up paying some and all was cleared up then (I thought). I went back to that same tax company this past November after receiving another notice for tax year 2012. The previous tax accountant had just retired. I thought the company was reputable but they didn’t deliver what promised. This time, I ended up spending far more than requested originally. I vow never to go back to that company, just as I won’t go back to that computer shop again. I come away feeling, “If it wasn’t for bad luck, I wouldn’t have any luck at all.” Chuckle. Lesson learned – pay the darn notice and get it over with the first time. Any comments are welcome. No offense to tax accountants. I have a wonderful one now.