How can I trust you?
When you have lied to me,
I hear your words,
Your repeated diversities,
They make no sense,
No universal rules.

You treat me stupid,
Am I so much a fool?
Your eerie ways,
Make me suspect,
Your dishonesty,
And disrespect.

Do you not respect me?
A smart, educated woman,
With a loving smile,
I once was a true beauty,
In my younger days.

I am discouraged,
As my heart dies,
Yet, I would rather be,
With a man,
Such as you,
Handsome in face,
And body to match.

So I ask you again,
Why should I trust you?
Are you not my lover,
My soul mate,
My external companion,
Or are you just a mere friend?
Your words hurt me once,
But never again.