Fingers are what I use,
With no excuse,
On my personal computer,
Or calculator to add,
On my cell phone,
To text other people,
Not just alone.

My fingers key in the letters,
As they hit the board,
To form words,
Poetic lines in verse,
Concise and brief,
As in elegant terse.

My fingers I use to write,
To make all look right,
As words form sentences,
There is no plight,
It is a natural process,
As my fingers take flight.

I use my fingers,
To wear jewelry,
Rings and things,
They help grasp,
What I need,
A dish, a glass,
Even a lemon seed.

I donโ€™t want to linger,
Or even mingle,
I just know my fingers,
Are a useful thing indeed.