If I were an animal,
What would it be?
A lonesome creature,
Blind as a bat,
A purring feline,
Frisky as a cat,kitten-looking-flowers-cute-little-outdoor-wooden-snag-46973975
A barking dog,
Man’s best friend,
Or a beautiful butterfly,
With colorful wings,
In a field of lilies,
And daffodils.

I would be graceful,
As a swan in a pond,
And cunning as a fox,
That runs swift and fast.
I see myself flying high,
As a bird in flight,
An eagle that soars,
And fearless,
As a lion that roars.

I would be an owl,
That knows all,
Or a coyote,
That howls,
A mischief wolf,
With piercing eyes,
A fish,
That swims upstream,
Or a whale,
With a massive tail.

To be a polar bear,
With fierce claws,
And snowy white hair,
Or a gentle giant,
An elephant,
With two huge pairs,
A giraffe,
That sees above the trees,
Or a zebra,
With black and white stripes.

Wouldn’t it be nice,
To be a horse,
That gallops and carefree,
A cow,
That moos and eats hay,
A rooster that crows,
At the start of dawn,
A lamb,
With a curly wool coat,
A bunny rabbit,
That feels so soft,
And funny.

What would I be,
If I were an animal?
I would be me,
For all to see,
For there are far,
Too many creatures,
In God’s creation,
Each with its own purpose,
And beauty you see.