I have so many magnificent places, I love to visit, That I love to view, And I love to do.

As a beautiful sunset, With its glorious colors, In the Gorgeous Sunsethorizon, And off the restful coast, The early morning dew, As it spreads in green pastures, And grassy knolls, The view of the ocean, With its roaring waves, Crashing against the rocky cliffs, To their depths below.

The majestic snow-capped Mountain tops, Set a gorgeous sight, As the ice glacier tips, Rise above the frozen sea, And all in its path, Of its deadly design, As a white blanket, Covers the ground, After a fresh snowfall, Touches all around.

I look to the heavens above, The beautiful blue skies, With its amazing light, The magnificent rainbow, With its brilliance, And multitude of colors, These are all the things, I love to see. These are all the places, I would love to be.