Write a post in which the protagonists of two different books or movies meet for the first time. How do they react to each other? Do they get along? Romeo from Romeo and Juliet meets the prince from Cinderella. They are both handsome, charming and well-liked by all. The prince is debonair and elegant, while Romeo is street-smart and ruggedly handsome. Romeo is a hero among his peers, while the prince is a charmer of the ball, so to speak. Both roles play an instrumental part to the

development of the plot in the stories. When they meet for the first time, they are curious and cautious, distrustful and they avoid each other. They are adversaries and competitive, as the “macho” men of their own times. They are oppositional and from different backgrounds, finding contentment in their own selves and do not mingle comfortably.
Romeo: At last, my man, my honor is preyed upon.
Prince: You have no vengeance here. What is your course of action, my good man? Romeo: I say, would you not fight me in battle?
Prince: Only to defend my honor against your offense.
Romeo: I will fight you to my death (holding up his sword).
Prince: You, a mere shadow of a man (he laughs out loud).
Romeo: You have insulted my honor, sir.
Prince: I will fight you to your doom (he holds up his sword to strike).
Romeo: I dare say, sir, you have preyed upon my manhood. You have cursed my good name!
Prince: You are nothing but a delinquent boy in a man’s clothing. How do you say that I curse your name? You have not a genuine quality.
Romeo: Stand and fight, I deplore you! (He strikes with his sword).
Prince: I have defeated men more manly than you in battle. (He strikes and plunges the sword into Romeo’s ribs).
Romeo: You have plunged your sword into my flesh. My heart is ripped from my side, an open wound. I beseech you to take back your words. My peers shall defend my honor (Romeo falls to the floor).
Prince: Never! I will not honor your request nor do I take back my words.
Romeo: I only hope mercy on your soul (Romeo then dies).