Please don’t confuse me with the singer. I would love to have her talent for singing and the money. I started this blog to connect to others and to the world. I made a widget “About Me” page but being new to blogging, I’m not quite sure it is right. Most of the information was taken from my profile in Facebook, three to four years ago. I have been editing a 315-page Galley (text manuscript) this weekend so my thoughts are running together right now. Basically I write to reach the audience and to express myself. I could spice up the text with humorous dialogue, sarcasm or irony, but I have found the most effective writing is from personal experience. I got into writing while recovering from three major illnesses. I have been affected with an autoimmune disorder for nearly four years. It developed through breast cancer the year before. I also had cervical spine surgery that year too. I know – blah, blah, blah and who cares, however, it explains who I am and how I get here. My spiritual identity grew then and with it, my creative writing skills (genes) came into play. God was with me through thick and thin. I owe him my life and bringing me back to the living.